SRuM electronics

Strain induced self-rolled-up membrane (S-RuM)nanotechnology is a novel fabrication technology to monolithically realize 3Dtubular hollow multiple turn architectures via self-rolling process from anoriginally 2D structural layout. The strained membrane normally consists of anoppositely strained bilayer. Upon releasing from the substrate by etching awaya sacrificial layer underneath, the opposite force from each of the bilayersgenerates a net momentum driving the planar membrane to scroll up and continueto roll into a 3D tubular spiral structure. A quasi-dynamic finite elementmethod (FEM) is well established to precisely calculate the dimensions ofrolled-up structures, which makes it possible to design structure dimensionsensitive electrical, optical and biomedical devices on S-RuM platform.

Our group focus on implementing S-RuM platform in thedesign of compact high frequency and high power density monolithic passivedevices, and is investigating reconfigurable S-RuM platform for more advancedelectronic devices featured with performance redefinability. The most recentdeveloped fabrication process of S-RuM passive devices is designed to be CMOScompatible with a clear trend to achieving 100% fabrication yield, and withsimple fabrication processing.


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