• [2020-08-07] Our co-authored paper with Prof. Xiuling Li's group at UIUC, Monolithic Heterogeneous Integration of 3D Microwave L-C Elements by Self-Rolled-up Membrane Nanotechnology, is now published in Advanced Functional Materials

  • [2020-08-06] Prof. Wen Huang is elected as the deputy director of the academic committee of the school of electronic science and applied physics (school of microelectronics)!

  • [2020-07-30] Our paper, Antenna-Filter-Splitter Function Reconfigurable Microwave Passive Device Based on VO2, is now early accessable in IEEE Antenna and Propagation Letters! Congrats to all authors!

  • [2020-07-23] Our co-authored paper with Prof. Yihui Zhang's group at Tsinghua University, “Geometrically reconfigurable 3D mesostructures and electromagnetic devices through a rational bottom-up design strategy”, is now published in Science Advances! Congrats to all authors!

  • [2020-07-17] Prof. Wen Huang is now sitting on the management committee of the Intelligent Interconnected Systems Laboratory of Anhui Province (Hefei University of Technology).

  • [2020-06-25] Congrats that Prof. Lei Sang was elected as the IEEE Senior Member!

  • [2020-03-25] Our lab is funded by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China to develop Semiconductor Origami Passive Electronics!

  • [2020-02-10] Our paper, "High-gain UWB Vivaldi Antenna Loaded with Reconfigurable 3-D Phase Adjusting Unit Lens", is published in IEEE Antenna and Wireless Propagation Letters! Congrats to all authors! 

  • [2019-10-04] With Prof. Wen Huang as the sole first author and Prof. Lei Sang as the co-author, HFUT as the second affiliation, the rolled-up power inductor paper entilted, "Monolithic mTesla Level Magnetic Induction by Self-Rolled-up Membrane Technology," is now accepted by Science Advances

  • [2019-09-14] Our co-authored paper with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Effect of Perforation on the Thermal and Electrical Breakdown of Self-Rolled-up Nanomembrane Structures," is published in Adv. Mater. Interfaces!

  • [2019-08-21] Prof.Wen Huang gave a talk titled "Monolithic 3D Passive Electronics based on SiNx Self-Rolled-up Membrane Nanotechnology" for the 81st Electronic Forum at the School of Electronic Science and Engineering (National Exemplary School of Microelectronics) at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu.

  • [2019-08-16] National Natural Science Foundation of China officially approved the general project proposed by Prof. Wen Huang, titled "Monolithic 3D helical mm-Wave array antenna based on Br-MLG self-rolled-up membrane nanotechnology"!

  • [2019-06-18] Our paper, Monolithic radio frequency SiNx self-rolled-up nanomembrane interdigital capacitor modeling and fabrication, is published in Nanotechnology! Congrats to all authors, including our collaborators from MNTL at UIUC! This work represents significant advancement of the new way to design and fabrication super high capacitance density and high frequency lumped capacitors on chip. 


  • [2018-12-27] A work done at UIUC is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces as co-author. The contribution is the demonstration of 3-D assembling of MOF structures on S-RuM platform.

  • [2018-12-01] Prof. Wen Huang was elected as the IEEE Senior Member!

  • [2018-11-12] Prof. Wen Huang attended the International Workshop on Nanomembrane Origami Technology at Fudan University as an invited speaker.

  • [2018-11-09] Prof. Xiuling Li from UIUC visited ourgroup and gave a talk.

  • [2018-09-12] Prof. Wen Huang is appointed as Huangshanscholar distinguished professor at HFUT, and establishes the Nano-Microwave & Nano-Power Laboratory.