Soft electronics

Pioneers in compressive bucklingfabrication technology opens up a novel way to build complex 3Dmicro/nanostructures on soft substrates. The buckling scheme and the finiteelement analysis enable precisely assembling of diverse feature size andwide-ranging geometries in many different classes of materials. The generalfeature size of 3D architectures is comparable to the wavelength of radiofrequency to mm-Wave frequency signals, which implies the compressible bucklingis suitable for reconfigurable high frequency devices design and fabrication.

Based on this platform, previouscollaborations realize tunable buckling RF inductors, filters and antennas. Ourgroup is now systematically investigating the high frequency properties of softmaterials and the design of transmission network on soft substrate, and thepossibility to construct soft RF and mm-Wave imaging system for advancedsensing purposes.


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